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From the time schedule of preparation and defense of the final work

 June 12, 2017, 10:18 a.m. |   Novosti

1. A student is obliged to submit a written part of the Final Work Preparation, signed by the mentor, to the School Secretariat for a record of the appointment record by 26.05.2017.


Summer time:

21.06., 27.06., 06.28.2017. and that:

For the program: General nursing nurse / General nursing technician: 21.06.2027.

At 9:00 am Health care - special

At 9:00 am Health care for sick children and adolescents

At 9:00 am Health Care Surgical Patients

At 12:00 hours Health care for the elderly


At 9:00 am Mother health care

At 11:00 am Health Care Psychiatric Patient

For the program: Sanitary technician / sanitary technician:

06/27/2017. At 15:30 h Hygiene and food technology

06/28/2017. At 15:30 pm Epidemiology

Disinfection, disinsection and deratization

Track notifications on the bulletin board and the school page

The date of the solemn endorsement of the final certificates in St. Donat will be subsequently advertised!

Jesenski rok:

Application for submission of final work: up to 10.07.2017. At the Secretariat (9am - 11pm)
Submission of final work: until 15.07.2017. In the secretariat
Final work defense: until 29.08.2017. (See)
Winter time:

Application for submission of the final work: until 30.11.2017.
Submission of final work: January 2018.
Final work defense: around 15.02. 2018th

For the Judicial Board:

Director: Davor Vidaković, prof.