Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Schoolgirl Katarina Bukarica won first place at the festival "ART DESIGN"

 April 4, 2017, 8:36 a.m. |   Novosti

On Monday, 03/04/2017. in the premises of the National Museum Zadar the exhibition of works of the Festival "Art Design". With his work involved the students of our school: Klara Bulić, 1c; Moreno Dražić, 1d; Vendi Bilić 1.d; Tea Kapitanović, 1d and Katarina Bukarica, 5.b. First place went to Katarina Bukarica with his work "Existence". Congratulations to everyone, especially our winners.

"For the purposes of art competition whose theme was the symbolism, I decided to paint a drawing that will require longer observation to be able to read all its secrets. The interpretation of the image is colorful and individually, which I like because it allows the viewer interpretative freedom and a unique experience images.

Picture "Existence" I photographed a few days mixed technique. The heart of which lies on the compass, crowned with stars, symbolic displays to us exactly what leads to our dreams and ideals. Cold and warm colors in a space nebula symbolize our emotions, that tint every experience in our lives. The name "Existence" vividly conjures up this image because our heart and emotions are the reason we exist, our sense of purpose. I am happy that the picture won the first place because it shows that the critics appreciate my artistic expression.

We sincerely thank Professor Ljiljana Grginović, which was very helpful in choosing a name for the image and teacher Helena Bekić, who gave me encouragement and a moral support during the competition. We also thank the Mirjana Vujasin that I have always supported in my artistic expression. I hope that the competition of this type continue to realize in the future. "

Katarina Bukarica, schoolgirl 5b Class Medical School Ante Kuzmanić