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Interactive experience that changes the view of the world - a visit to the Museum of reality

 Dec. 19, 2016, 9:27 a.m. |   Novosti

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of UNICEF, the Zadar Museum of illusion, from 15th to 18th December, into a museum of reality to "revive" often shocking reality in which they live, many children in the world. With the help of virtual reality, holograms, optical illusions and various installations UNICEF is at the Museum of reality show the reality of the most vulnerable children and all visitors to provide real interactive experience that opens up new perspectives on the world of today, in which due to poverty, natural disasters and war hard to live by millions of people , including many children. Entering the museum visitors have a chance to reality with the help of virtual reality technology with Ewan McGregor visit a village in Kenya, go to UNICEF's time machine and get acquainted with the achievements of the children in the last 70 years, set foot in a mine where children work, play a computer game for blind and flip through a photo album wedding girl bride. You can open the door to the room of hunger, see what it looks like school after a hurricane, try to find a way out of the labyrinth of the media and feels "infinite testimony" about the traumas that are difficult to heal. Visitors to the museum can learn more about how UNICEF is helping the most vulnerable children and is actively involved in the program Guardians of Childhood and support the creation of a better, safer and more just world for children. Students Medical School 3a and 3 b class accompanied by a teacher of vocational subjects, Ljiljana Grginović and Anita Raljević Špralja visited the museum and taking the few interactive exhibits that were particularly impressed by:

1. With the technology of virtual reality (VR equipment) we looked at the life of Syrian girls Sidra that their everyday life is carried out in a refugee camp in Jordan.

2. "Seismic room" while our brain and eyes "agree" with that you are standing on a flat or sloping ground, we felt that it was "losing ground" in the devastating earthquake. 

3. Inequality (not) is an illusion; world we live in is full of inequalities, and one is a special room at the Museum of reality, that the rather Zoran way shows by creating the illusion that the person standing in one corner of the room the giant size, and the person on the opposite corner of the room dwarf.

                                                                                        Anita Raljević Špralja