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Health educational action "I am Cukrić, I can do anything!

 Nov. 24, 2016, 12:58 p.m. |   Novosti

On the occasion of 11.14. World Diabetes Day, and as part of the curriculum for the course on health education, students 5b class with teacher Ljiljana Grginović prepared a health educational campaign for citizens with the purpose of informing the public of the problem of diabetes is increasing among children.

The students' task is to connect the knowledge and skills of teaching content to the vocational curriculum for the education of nurses - technicians general care through correlation course on health education to health care special - Verica Elveđi; professional teacher, professional communication in nursing, Marija Kresoja, professional teacher; and physical education, Luka Plazina, prof., and design health educational action, to make implementation of the same, develop educational materials and to define the best way of distributing materials to inform the public about the health educational campaign and participate in the activities of measuring blood glucose and blood pressure, and demonstrate exercises with members of the Association "Cukrići" at People's square in Zadar 12.11.2016.

The aim of the campaign is to sensitize the public to the problem of diabetes is increasing among children, and point to an increase in diabetes in general and to encourage the public to activities related to the prevention of diabetes through personal changes (weight control, proper nutrition, adequate physical activity ...)

Our students are the citizens control the value of blood glucose and blood pressure, distributed educational materials which are themselves prepared, respond to citizens' requests related to the measured value of blood glucose and blood pressure and practiced by members of the Association "Cukrići" under the slogan "I am CUKRIĆ, I can do anything! "

A total of 123 surveys done blood glucose and blood pressure, divided by 200 educational messages and practiced with members of the Association "Cukrići".

In the project we have included:

The hospitality - tourism and catering school Zadar - action, led by professor of pastry Kristina Lončar and professors from cooking Renato Kraljev and Mirko Poljak. A total of 75 students, from first to third grade. Their goal was to raise awareness of the public what the impact of proper nutrition on human health, and to point out that the rejection of unhealthy food does not mean rejection of tasty food. That healthy can be very fine and shows the figure of 150 servings strudel and 60 servings of sweet rolls, and 500 servings of canapés and other "finger food" products, which are distributed to citizens disciples volunteers.

Agricultural Food and Veterinary School "Stanko Ožanić" Zadar - Prof: Melita Ivanac, , Matilda Sindičić,, Linda Segarić,, Zorka Kokić, and 5 students from third and fourth grade, the direction of nutritionist. Their goal was to encourage the public to adopt healthy foods and proper distribution of meals to its nutritional and caloric values ​​meet the daily needs of the individual with respect to his daily physical activity and obligations. Activities conducted by the People's Square are surveying the percentage of the total fat content in the body, public education on "healthy snacks" dried fruits and vegetables, citizen surveys aimed at revealing the quality of nutrition and health habits of residents of the city of Zadar, which covered a total of 34 citizens of Zadar in age 19-79 years.

The association "Cukrići" - Association of children with diabetes and their parents.
Their objectives are to inform the public about the problems faced by children with diabetes and their parents, and point to the increase in diabetes among the child population, prominent symptoms for the purpose of early recognition of the disease, and point to the fact that the proper treatment of the disease can have under control .

That this method of active learning positively identified among students talk and analysis of questionnaires conducted among the students who participated in the project.

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