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GLOBE Regional Meeting of Europe and Eurasia, 2023.

 Nov. 17, 2023, 9:32 a.m. |   Novosti

Professor Marijana Škunca-Vrkić participated from October 17 to 20, 2023 in the international GLOBE conference that took place in Riga, Latvia.

On Wednesday, October 18, at the GLOBE market, she presented the results of the "Microplastics in the Adriatic Sea" project in the form of an interactive workshop. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the types of microplastics and the amount of microplastics in the Adriatic Sea. The project was carried out in four locations: Punti Bajlo, Jazine bay, Karin and Novigrad seas, and the research results showed that there are more microplastic particles in the Karina and Novigrad seas. Visitors could also try vacuum filtration of water from the Daugava River and analyze microplastics under a microscope using a dichotomous key. The workshop was interesting and educational for the participants. The professor also participated in various workshops that enabled interactive learning, target-oriented communication, exchange of experiences, development of skills and attitudes, learning about the unknown and exchange of practical skills (workshops she participated in: Air Quality Campaign – Focus on NO2, Hunting for microplastics in the Daugava River, Fires and Climate Change – Fire Fuel Protocol in practice). The meeting was attended by GLOBE mentors, scientists, members of the American Embassy, ​​coordinators from different countries, GLOBE program director Tony Murphy, and professors of various disciplines from over 20 countries in Europe and Eurasia.