Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Zadar medics on Water and Climate Change for the UN Summit (CMP22)

 Nov. 7, 2016, 10:06 a.m. |   Novosti

Student team Medical School Ante Kuzmanić, as one of the world's 14 schools from all continents, and as a representative of Europe, participated in the project "A Global Mobilization on Water and the Climate", which will be presented in November at the two-week UN summit "COP22" in Marrakesh, Morocco. The project is on the web platform and video-conferencing to collaborate schools from all continents, and aimed to involve and sensitize young people around the world to climate change, as well as through joint research, discussion and exchange of experiences to express their views on ways to conserve water and climate change . Project team Schools represented the students: Tena Tunjić, Katarina Radović, Antea Škalec, Toni Vidaić, Božulić Leonarda, Doris Anić and Kristina Perica, and under the supervision of Višnja Vuko and Edin Kadić.

After weeks of activities and preparation of materials, in Friday, October 28 2016 student team Medical School participated in the final conference along with a dozen schools around the world that are involved in this block (Taiwan, Canada, the United States, Ghana, the Philippines, Morocco, Australia, India, etc.) video conference led by Terry Godwaldt, head of the Centre for Global Education (Centre for Global Education) Queen Elizabeth High School, Edmonton, Canada.
After Mr. Terry introduced all schools participating in this block, introduced us to a summary of the project and activities that are school participants check off. Video conference started at 16:30 hours and consisted of two parts.
The first session was an introduction in which we presented our school, Zadar and Croatia, while in the second part had allowed 3 minutes in which we talked about our research, the terms of preserving water and climate in Croatia. We also compared the tasks and how to protect our planet and preventing climate change. We talked in general about the protection of water in the world and how this is distributed unevenly. In short, we describe our impressions from the first video conference we had with the school Willowridge and comparing our and their country. We talked about the tourist orientation and the Croatian, but with time and less industrial development that as a positive result has great resources of clean drinking water, and reduced activity of air pollution.
This project has inspired us to think about water as a natural resource without which life on Earth would not be possible. He gave us the incentive to act in the protection of our environment.
During the conference we used #BlueYouth and #decarbonize and have their pictures and thoughts shared on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).
Representatives of our school team were invited to represent Europe and together with all participating schools present research, cooperation and the conclusions of the final conference of the UN Summit which is 3 to 11 November 2016, held in Marrakesh in Morocco. Unfortunately, due to the financial possibilities of the mass representatives have not traveled to Morocco, but our work will be presented!