Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

International Day of Older Persons

 Oct. 18, 2021, 11:14 a.m. |   Novosti

Students of the 5th b grade of our school marked the International Day of the Elderly by socializing with the users of the Home for the Elderly and the Infirm in Zadar. According to the Decision (45/106) of the United Nations Assembly of 14 December 1990, 1 October is marked as the International Day of Older Persons with the aim of strengthening support and assistance to the elderly. About 703 million people over the age of 65 and older live in the world. Also, further forecasts point to an increase in the elderly to two billion. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the elderly the hardest, including the number of patients, but also people who were socially distant due to a possible infection. During the Health Care for the Elderly exercises, the students organized a small gathering with respect for epidemiological measures. During the morning, the students baked pancakes for the users, made greeting cards and presented them with gifts from fourth grade students and teacher Anita Mišković.

Teacher: Sonja Šare