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We wear pink in October

 Oct. 15, 2021, 2:57 p.m. |   Novosti

Malignant diseases are one of the leading public health problems in our country. October is the month of the fight against breast cancer, when numerous public health events are organized throughout the Republic of Croatia in order to point out the importance of early detection of breast cancer and going to regular diagnostic examinations. Regular check-ups, which include self-examination, mammography and ultrasound examination of breast cancer can be detected at an early stage when the chances of cure and survival are much higher. The campaign We are not alone portal called In October we wear pink this year decided to include the 2nd B class of our school with his class teacher Jelena Kevrić. As part of the campaign, which aims to encourage women to have regular preventive check-ups to detect the disease at an early stage, when the chances of cure and survival are much higher, photos from the commemoration are published, which will be a photo gallery at the end of the month. In this way, our students, in addition to encouraging women to have regular preventive check-ups, decided to provide support to sick women on their path to recovery.