Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

General principles of health and care

 June 10, 2016, 3:43 p.m. |   Novosti

At the beginning it was not easy, it was all unknown and foreign. As students, we were not aware of what the subject of general principles of health and nursing says. Just this obscurity aroused the curiosity and soon wanted to discover new concepts and adopt new knowledge.
It was an important lesson each and every chapter. In the beginning we learned all about infections, their creation and suppression. We were not aware of how we are bacteria and other harmful substances around in daily life, or single examples of our teachers, we realized that hygiene is really half of our health. We tried to master every area and peek into the depths of the book, which was unknown. We went to every parts of the book and debated, discussed and interpreted every vague word. Our favorite was Florence Nightingale. Every part of her ups and achievements encourage us to work. She won us your story and so woke up all the emotions. The next challenge was learning our history. It seemed difficult. So many numbers, names that barely managed to read. Imagination of our teachers woke artists in us and encouraged us to be creative. Hours coming were special, unique and relaxing. Each mental map that we made stood out is the most important and the most significant events and people. We have invested a lot of effort and work, and may awaken "the forgotten skills." We had the opportunity of our desire and the value transferred to the whole class, and the whole school. It was not the most beautiful or special folders. Each wore a beautiful story with him and delighted everyone.
Thank you teachers had patience with us. What is pulled out from us what we did not know that is hidden within us. You have helped us to transfer knowledge, shared your experience with us and responsive to each of us. Your clocks will remain simply unforgettable, as well as the case which is now anything but unknown!

Samantha Pedišić, student of class 3a