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Celebrating Nurses Day

 May 17, 2016, 9:21 a.m. |   Novosti

World Nursing Day is celebrated on May 12, and this year's theme is "Nurses: power to change and improve the sustainability of health systems.
Students and teachers of our school solemnly marked the birthday of Florence Nightingale showing her appreciation through a series of activities in and out of school.
The students Teuta Knezevic and Katarina Bukarica their art works on the life and work of Florence Nightingale decorated the lobby of the school.
In the school library at 11 began the ceremony, "The memory of Florence" Students Dona Galešić, Mirta Jerat and Katarina Bukarica in ancient uniforms returned to us in the past. The program manager Ljiljana Grginović after congratulations and greetings announced the program. It was followed by lectures students 3a, 3b class, reading about the life and work of Florence Nightingale 4 grade students. Special attention was attracted students are reading a first-class: Ana Vukančić, Ana Marija Dežmalj and Lovre Šindija the life and work of Lujze Wagner Janović that marked the beginning of nursing in Croatia.
From reading about Florence
Florence Nightingale is known as "the lady with the lamp" gave the first explanation of health care and is considered the founder of modern nursing. She was born in Florence May 12 1820.godine in her family who has provided extensive training or her inner call was caring for the sick and infirm. She wanted to become a nurse when she was 24 years old, but her wish came true just seven years later. The first significant success in the profession has made in the Crimean War when the improvement of hygienic conditions lowered mortality injured by 42% to 2%. Her explanation of health care is influenced by his own education, religiosity, interest in science and understanding of health. The theory of health care is the Florence 'theory of the environment ", which includes physical and psychosocial aspects of action on man. Nightingale emphasizes communication nurses and patients, stressing that it is important with the patient to talk about things that you happy and he wants it. She finds that inaction and passivity adversely affect the health and recovery from illness. Florence Nightingale is considered that it is not enough to be a woman to be a nurse but it takes knowledge. He also pointed out the importance of knowing people more than of any illness. She continued her work opening of the first school for nurses in London 1860.god only a year before she wrote the textbook "Notes of Nursing". Florence Nightingale died quietly at his home on August 13, in 1910 her character and work of guiding the life of a nurse.

In the afternoon, our school nurses joined the award ceremony "Zadar white heart" which is awarded annually to the most deserving sisters Zadar County. Zadar white heart is traditionally made of lace and lace is a unique combination of international and national identity of members of the nursing profession.
Zadar white heart was given Ljiljana Grginović teacher health care in our school for a long-lasting, high-quality work. Thanksgiving "Zadar white heart" won the primaries Mirko Jamnicki for longtime contribution to the education of nurses and technicians.
Often the winners!
"Do not be discouraged if you find that you're not perfect-no one. Try to recognize what you are doing well, what could you better, you have learned and what you have progressed. Being honest in self-assessment, to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses is a very useful skill necessary throughout the nursing career. Seldom can we achieve perfection but it is important to learn and work in this direction. "
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