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Ribroo Camp for freshmen of the University of Rijeka

 June 24, 2020, 10:31 p.m. |   Novosti


The Ribroo freshmen camp has been organized for 7 years by the Student Union of the University of Rijeka. The camp is designed as an introductory gathering of all first-year students at the University of Rijeka, the weekend before the start of classes. The goal of the camp is the integration of freshmen into the academic community through educational workshops, sports and entertainment activities. At the beginning of the school year, students receive a lot of information about ECTS credits, colloquia, exams and everything necessary for successful mastering of studies, but most student activities outside of class must be researched by themselves. If they come from another environment, getting to know all segments of student life is slower and more difficult, because it takes time to feel at home. This camp aims to accelerate and enhance this transition period, and by meeting colleagues and future friends in an informal environment will contribute to the faster development of themselves as students and individuals. The four-day camp program begins with an introduction to the Campus, during which the institutions they will meet during their studies approach them. After the tour, they go on a tourist tour of Rijeka and Opatija (including a tourist bus ride). From Friday to Sunday, the camp is held in the sports and recreational center Platak. Workshops, interactive lectures and round tables are held during the morning while the program includes: hiking tour, sports games (volleyball, football, basketball, disc golf, bowling, adventure race), panoramic cable car ride, and in the evening students are organized entertainment program with music. During the educational part of the program, students are divided into teams by faculties, departments and fields, and each has its own coordinator - a senior student, who is a kind of mentor during the camp. Each faculty organizes a program for its students in the morning based on special informative content for each study, its extracurricular activities, specialties, how to get involved in the work of individual associations, bodies and participate in the life of the faculty. The aim of this part of the program is to provide the most important information about what awaits students after the start of classes, and to prepare them in the best way for a successful start to the academic year. Afternoon hours are reserved for fun and sports activities followed by fun to relax and get to know each other better! In addition to freshmen, senior students can also apply to the camp in order to contribute to their acquaintance with student life with their knowledge and experience through socializing with first-year students.

So far, every year about 100 freshmen, coordinators, leaders, volunteers participate in the project, and the goal is to bring the camp closer to a larger number of students enrolling in colleges in Rijeka to make the transition to a new phase of life easier and faster. With your support, we believe that information about the project could be extended to other parts of Croatia from which more students are enrolled (primarily Istria) because we would like students who do not live in Rijeka to feel welcome and belonging from the beginning of their relocation.
The program is subsidized by the Student Union of the University of Rijeka, so that for participants a four-day program (including transportation, accommodation, meals and all activities) is 350 kn.
The project is held under the auspices of the University of Rijeka, the Ministry of Science and Education, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the City of Rijeka.

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