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Valentine's Day at our school

 Feb. 15, 2021, 7:06 p.m. |   Novosti

We marked Valentine's Day with a billboard made by pedagogue Vera Barić and a program called "In Love with Love", which we held in the 4th c grade.
Dragan, Antonija and Loreta read love poems by Josip Pupačić, Jacques Prevert and Rupa Kaur. In the musical part of the program, accompanied by guitar, Antonio performed three songs.
At the end of the Valentine's gathering, we solved the quiz "Love through history and art" in which "Fisherman", Antonio Ivčić, won. Second place went to Dragan, and third place to Ema.
The Valentine's program was designed by librarian Tanja Serdarević in collaboration with 4th c grade students. The program was held in the classroom in cooperation with the class teacher Luka Plazina.

 Video zapisi - Antonia,