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European Phenology Campaign – 2020 Autumn Tree Campaign

 Dec. 14, 2020, 10:51 a.m. |   Novosti

The first cycle of the European Phenology Campaign (Autumn 2020), in which we joined in September 2020, has ended. We observed a fig tree in the school yard. Twice a week, students of the 2nd A class of Petar Frlet and Matia Pažanin observed and recorded the process of yellowing figs according to the protocols of the Globe Program. Through the Globe server through the European Phenological Campaign forum, we published our 3 activities and compared them with other schools, especially with Rugvica Elementary School, with which we compare data on the same dates when we recorded changes until the yellowing process. The campaign is currently over and continues in the spring when the process of budding and greening of our figs follows. The students will present their work through a presentation that they will present on the days of Green Week and School Day. Thank you to the students Petra and Matija for their hard work!

Marijana Škunca-Vrkić, Ph.D.