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Won second and third place in the country competition of the Latin language

 April 2, 2017, 9:37 a.m. |   Novosti

In Skradin, from 29.- 31 March 2017 was held on 30 National competition from Latin and Greek.
From our school participated in two girls Karla Pavlovic and Dolores Brkic, accompanied by their mentor Helena Bekic, and achieved excellent results. Karla Pavlovic won second place, and Dolores Brkic third place.
 School hosted the competition was Skradin Primary School whose students their excellent program at the Square small Our Lady in Skradin and solemnly open style 30th National Competition.
During the competition mentors visited the island Visovac, while for students and mentors after the competition was organized trip to the Krka National Park, where they could enjoy the beauty of nature and gather strength for new victories.
After the announcement of the results was followed by the award ceremony and awards to students and their mentors.
On the last day of the competition the students visited Bribir, a village known as the seat of the Bribir counts, and Sibenik.
Congratulations to our students and their mentors for their excellent success !!!