Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar


 Nov. 2, 2022, 9:56 a.m. |   Novosti

Creative workshops on the topic: "Mental health" and "How to learn" were held at the Youth Counseling Center for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, led by the head of the Counseling Center Linda Bakotić, psychologist Yvette Kalaba and pedagogue Petra Dominis Žura.

The goal of the workshop "Mental health" is to raise awareness of the fear of failure, and recovery from failure and that it takes time. Sometimes it happens that we have a bad day, a poorly set goal or insufficient time to prepare a task due to sudden obstacles. Ultimate success is not completely under our control, as many think. Only the goals we set for the desired success are under our control, and they are subject to change as time passes and outcomes change. Goals must be specific, clear, measurable, realistic and achievable. A person must understand his goals and write them in a positive direction. When failure occurs, the main goal is to restore balance, faith in a safe and just world, and understanding that the events in our lives are mostly predictable and mostly controllable. When we fail, the goal is to realize that we are still competent enough to deal with the problems that happen and will always happen.

The goal of the "How to learn" workshop is to teach students a variety of learning styles in which they can implement numerous strategies for more successful learning. Learning is a process and it is different for every student. Certain groups approach this process in many ways, so it is necessary to point out these differences to the students.