Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2022 "Life of a Fig"

 May 4, 2022, 10:56 a.m. |   Novosti

A lecture and workshop entitled "The Life of a Fig" was held at the Ante Kuzmanić Medical School in Zadar as part of the Science Festival 2022. The participants were students of the Ante Kuzmanić Medical School Zadar and the Šime Budinić Elementary School Zadar under the mentorship of professors Marijana Škunca-Vrkić and Zrinka Klarin. Students were introduced to the phenological cycle of budding, greening, duration and cessation of the growing season. According to GLOBE protocols, they also measured the height of the fig with the help of a clinometer, determined the circumference of the tree and compared it with the data obtained with NASA's digital tool for measuring the height of the GLOBE Observer.