Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar


 March 18, 2022, 4:09 p.m. |   Novosti

On March 17, the Inter-County Health Care Competition "WorldSkills 2022" was held in our school. Students from 11 Croatian medical and health schools participated in the competition: Schools for nurses Mlinarska, Medical schools Pula, Medical schools Karlovac, Medical schools Split, Schools for nurses Vrapče, Medical schools in Rijeka, Schools for midwives, Medical schools Ante Kuzmanić - Zadar, Medical School Šibenik, Medical School Dubrovnik and High School Pregrada.

The welcome program began with a welcome speech by Director Anita Basioli in which she stressed the importance of such competitions to promote vocational education. In the musical part of the program, 3rd grade students Marta Marija Marušić and Lucija Mikulić performed the songs "Providence" and "Without You" while 2nd grade student Marija Matković read a song by the poet Stjepan Lice and her own work on friendship. The President of the Judging Committee, Verica Elveđi, then greeted all those present and wished the participants a lot of success in the competition, after which she and the principal distributed welcome gifts to the students and their mentors.

Before the start of the competition, students and members of the Judging Committee gathered in front of the practicum where the competition was held. While the students solved their practical and theoretical tasks in Health Care, their mentors visited the Museum of Glass, the Sea Organ, Greeting to the Sun and the remains of the ancient Forum with members of the Organizing Committee.

The inter-county competition in Health Care was supervised and evaluated by the Judging Committee composed of: President Verica Elveđi, members Sonja Šare, Lucija Grbić and Petra Karaga and administrator Marija Kresoja. Director Anita Basioli, teacher Ljiljana Grginović, librarian Tanja Serdarević, pedagogue Petra Dominis Žura and professor Josipa Bačić were in charge of organizing this competition.

The first place in this competition was won by the student Corina Torić from our Medical School Ante Kuzmanić-Zadar. Corina was prepared for this competition by her mentor Ivana Lapčić. Second place went to student Ingrid Tukarić from the Medical School Karlovac. Ingrid was prepared for WorldSkills by her mentor Marijana Lukšić Puljak. The third place was won by Roberto Bogdanoski with his mentor Klara Ibrišagić from the Medical School Pula. The fourth place went to Josip Bijelić and mentor Iva Šušterčić from the School of Nursing Mlinarska, and the fifth to Ivan Porubić and mentor Veronika Miljanović - Vrđuka from the School of Nursing Vrapče.

With these results, these five students won a place in the National Health Care Competition. Congratulations to them and their mentors on this great success!