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Celebrating 25 years of work of the Croatian Catholic Nurses Association

 Nov. 21, 2019, 9:07 p.m. |   Novosti

The Croatian Catholic Association of Nurses and Technicians marked 25 years of work and activity with a solemn assembly in the convent hall of the Franciscan School Nurses in Arbanasi.

Representatives of the city and county authorities gathered at the 25th Annual General Meeting with a sign of respect and support for the work of the association. Welcoming words and congratulations were sent by representatives of institutions that have been monitoring and supporting the work of the association for years.

The students of Ante Kuzmanić Medical School have made their contribution to the organization of the assembly again this year. In a welcoming speech, teacher Sonja Šare emphasized that the association's work is a light to young generations in recognizing the needs of the sick, the weak and the powerless.

With the wishes of the members of the association not to get tired on their way of giving kindness to a person in his illness, sadness and loneliness, she wished them on behalf of all students and employees a long and fruitful work and a hand of partnership for the future.

Sonja Šare, teacher