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Hanging out with Florence Nightingale

 April 11, 2016, 2:56 p.m. |   Novosti

On the occasion of the event ZADAR READING Wednesday, April 6, 2016, in the Medical School Ante Kuzmanić held "Hanging out with Florence Nightingale". The intention was to acquaint students with the coffee and the originators of modern nursing. Hereby, the students wanted to take on socializing through history linking the smells of coffee reading the most interesting parts of life sacrificing our sister reformer system. Having fun was attended by professors of the Croatian language teacher Vera Barić and a trainee in pedagogy.

Students 1c are led by prof. Ante Ražnjević inform other students about the history and interesting facts about coffee and the emergence of coffee. How much coffee is special and mesmerizing, the best show us the two legends. According to the first legend, the archangel Gabriel to Muhammad brought a dark potion to dispel sleep during prayer and gain strength. According to another legend, the shepherd Kaldi from Yemen observed that the goats from his herd upset and began to suffer from insomnia after they ate wild red-brown grain. About this informed the abbot, who was convinced that the "magic berries" devil's fruit and had them burned. Burnt grains have played the strong and pleasant smell. The abbot of curiosity picked brown grain, sank them into the water. So she got a hot drink that he and his fellow brothers helped overcome sleep during the night prayer.

Furthermore, students 1a under the guidance of prof. Anita Basioli introduced us to the life of the British pioneered modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. She was born May 12 1820.g when and marks the Day of nurses. As a member of a wealthy family, neglecting parental expectations and turns to helping the sick and poor. It has reformed the military and the general hospital and poorhouse. Influenced the construction of the general image of nurses and soldiers. She wrote a book on the principles of medical care and laid the foundations of modern nursing. Trainee in pedagogy, Ana Vuksan-Ćusa introduced students and teachers to socialize. The most impression on the students left the fact that Florence was known as "The Lady with the lamp," but also as "The Lady with a hammer." Specifically, in order to reach food supplies and medical supplies, has declined in warehouses and hammer banging doors and cabinets.

Ana Vuksan-Ćusa, a trainee of the pedagogy

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