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Our impressions of E - medica 2016

 April 4, 2016, 12:37 p.m. |   Novosti


Within the ninth day of the Festival E-Medica We spent four days in Tuheljske spa. Exactly the same Tuheljske Spa provide great enjoyment for every visitor, a similar impression was also available with us which greatly contributed to the atmosphere of the festival. Most of our students have already participated in the project E - Medica but it was us who did not have this experience, so it is normal that he attended the small porch. Soon, the next day we realized that the whole festival, the organizers to all students, were in excellent, friendly atmosphere. It is very influenced our lighter, at the end of and better access to work and the presentation of the selected project. The schedule was perfectly aligned. In the morning after breakfast we had a few hours of very interesting presentation of the projects that we were "armed" knowledge in various fields. After lunch and an afternoon break, we had organized sports activities in which we are having fun, enjoy, and spend calories. After dinner we had organized "Disco" and night swimming with a DJ. E-Medica 2016 is for each of us was an unforgettable experience, but also an incentive for all to try to participate on the same lower new experiences. Many thanks to all the organizers and professors / teachers who have enabled us to attend the festival.

Sara,Vanesa, Magdalena, Kristina, Josipa, Alana, Violeta, Karla, Anđela, Josip, Patar i Ivan