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visit the Commune

 April 3, 2018, 7:55 p.m. |   Novosti

On February 26, 2018, our school decided to take a short visit to Cenacolo in Jankolovica near Biograd. The program was held for students of grades 2.A and 2.C accompanied by classmates Marina Joya and Renata Jakšić, and the main organizers of the teacher with Danijela Kovačević. Coming to the arrival, young community members welcomed us, who accompanied us with the story and the sightseeing to their everyday, different way of life. They exchanged their experiences and testimonies through which they warned us of the perilous opportunities provided by the outside world. Pupils are very satisfied with the program itself and the way to get to know this kind of life style. Different experiences inspired them to think, so they had the opportunity to ask everything they were interested in. This is just another, some-new series experience that will change the look of the environment to everyone. For the end of the gathering, we had the honor to be honored by our community members with the fine mini-pizzas that they made in their own thanksgiving. Laura Gnjatović 2. A