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Visit the Cenacolo community

 Jan. 19, 2018, 4:05 p.m. |   Novosti

In the organization of the teacher, prof. Danijela Kovačević, pupils 2b and 2d with classmates Ljiljan Grginović and Anita Basioli visited the Cenacolo community, Vrana, where the addicts who decided to change their lives lived. In a warm and above all useful conversation with the community, we listened to the testimonies of Philip and Ivica, who brought us closer to life before coming to the community, and the perception of life and existence after entering it. It was straightforward to hear from them that they had been "alone", that they did not have a person to share their fears and life dilemmas. Life in the community changed them, brought them closer to the faith and to God. They realized that with God they were not alone. They met themselves and their "I", accepted it and went further with their lives. Life before the community burdened with dependence and stained ideas left behind. They are no longer "alone" and that is their greatest success. The joy of their success was shared with us with a snack and a drink. We played a friendly football match. It does not matter who has "scored" more goals in it, it is important to win the providence, understanding, confession, acceptance, and love. We have come out of them with new knowledge of the sense of being satisfied with satisfaction because we were here and helped with their donations in hygiene and other necessities.