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Invitation to a comic strip workshop

 Nov. 16, 2017, 7:44 a.m. |   Novosti

Students are invited to a two-day comic workshop in CINAZ, this Friday and Saturday for three hours. We believe that the band is still a seductive form for teenagers and that there are still some undiscovered strip talents among you. The two-day workshop, in a simple and affordable way, will bring to the attendant what is considered in the comic industry industry as a complex way of understanding and creating a comic book, and the student will bring a valuable memorable comic to the house! The secrets of the "comic book" will be revealed by Erik Loncar, and the workshops will be held on Friday, 17.11.2017 from 17h to 20h, and on Saturday from 15h to 19h, with a break. The advantage of enrolling in the workshops will be young people aged between 15 and 30, and applications will be received by 16 to 15 o'clock. The number of attendants is limited and you can apply for it by registering on the following link.