Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Student exchange 25.09.2017. - 29.09.2017.

 Oct. 8, 2017, 9:31 p.m. |   Novosti

Like the past 10 years of exchange and this has left us the most beautiful memories and moments we will remember. The E-Medic family progresses and creates new insights, friendships, experiences and unforgettable social gatherings from year to year. Every exchange has enriched us with its contents and we were waiting for it with curiosity and impatience. Students in Health Care in Maribor 25.09. In 2017, they went to visit our school. The Welcome Meeting is organized with the help of our valuable teachers who show their enthusiasm every year how important students are and how to socialize them. Program Leader, Laura Stojanov, 4th grade student warmly welcomed guests and gave a message to Director Davor Vidaković, Edina Kadić and Verica Elves, who faithfully follow E-Medica year after year. On behalf of the guests, the Director of Health Care in Maribor Katja Rek. During their stay in Zadar, guests from Maribor visited the sights of the city of Zadar, performed health exercises at OB Zadar and Home for the elderly and infirm, attended Croatian and English language classes, and chemistry. On Wednesday they had a wonderful and adventurous excursion to Vransko Lake, and they went with the most beautiful impressions. A significant exchange goal, including work on projects, has been achieved. A lot of ideas, observations, plans have shown that students are preparing for the upcoming event in Tuhelj. However, the weather is too fast and a honeymoon in the hostel that was held on Thursday night indicated that it was nearing the end. Friday brought with him the most sad part; parting. We were welcomed by students and professors in the schools where the videoconferencing was held. All the time of forgiveness was filled with a multitude of emotions, and our students Frane Režan, Marija Pehar and Samanta Pedišić all embellished the song and guitar recitations. As noted this year, the exchange has left us unforgettable memories for a wonderful 5 days. Students in Health Care in Maribor (exchange participants): Milica Vasić, Danica Vasić, Benjamin Habinc, Matevž Gaube, Vito Novak, Ana Ravnjak, Vedran Krasojević, Dorotea Falež, Lucija Ornik, Lara Žižek. Teachers: Karmen Sparas and Gordana Irgolić Thanks to our dear guests,

                            Laura, Matea, Nikolina, Ivan, Sara, Antonija, Tea, Nikolina A, Filip